About Us

Spring jewellery is born out of a desire to turn a visit to a jewellery store into an engaging shopping experience, where you will derive great excitement from hunting for treasure buys. You will be drawn into a journey of discovery of our affordable gold and diamond jewellery. Uncover the jewel of your dreams at such great value which will surprise and delight you. At Spring Jewellery, we seek to delight you with affordable luxuries of life.



Our Product

Spring Jewellery offers quality jewellery, including GIA certified diamonds at a fraction of their market prices. You can get up close and personal with authentic gold, diamond and precious gemstone jewellery, whose beauty and value will enchant you.



All jewellery items at Spring Jewellery are marked with Spring Jewellery Brand Guarantee Tag assuring customers of our commitment to product quality and authenticity. By certifying our products with our Spring Jewellery Brand Guarantee Tag, we promise exceptional products at great prices.